Advice needed on composition.

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Re: Advice needed on composition.

Ok, here's what I do if I get in the doldrums and feel like I'm spinning my wheels or repeating the same mistakes.

Pick something, one thing...  A style.  A lens.  A location.  A subject.  Set a fixed time and stick to it.  1 hour, 2 hours or whatever matches your attention span or convenience at the time.  Then take your time.  Shoot.  Look.  Think.  Shoot it again.  Look.  Think.  Study that one thing, study what you did and what you are doing.  What did you do when you first sized it up and framed a picture in your mind.  Go ahead, shoot the shot that you would shoot and then ask yourself why you shot that shot.  Then rethink it and shoot it again.

If you find yourself consistently going to the same place, shooting the same things, walking and looking with the same pace.  Change it.  Go somewhere else.  Go slower or faster, but change it.  Break out.  Take what you've been doing and where you've been going and do something completely the opposite,  go somewhere that's totally different.  If you normally take nature walks and shoot animals and plants then go to a barren parking lot.  Take on the challenge of making a great photo from something you would never WANT to shoot.  It will make you think differently and force you out of your box.

Just to let you know, I've seen a lot of your posts and I like the fact that you've shared your journey with us on a public forum as well as contributing to the community.  Thank you for that.


happysnapper64 wrote:

I am having a bit of a problem with the composition of many of my pics. I have developed a habit of shooting almost everything too wide. I end up having to crop aggresively, not because I was too far away to get a close shot, but even with subjects relatively close I still end up with too much useless detail. I have even spent time using just one prime when I go out, usually my 100 macro. That seems to work for a while, then I fall back into old habits again. I know it's not life & death, & at least I can recover some detail with a crop, but it gets a bit frustrating. Sounds like I need therapy, right? To be honest I feel a bit silly asking such a question, but it is bugging me a little. Any advice that doesn't involve men in white coats or tablets?[ I take enough of those already ] Thank's.

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