Why so many "left the RX100 for pana LX7" mentions in Panasonic forum?

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Re: OP A Troll? But the question is a good one?..: Why so many "left the RX100 for pana LX7"

karlreed wrote:

I think the OP asked an important question, and, for many the LX-7 will be the answer. But then, I never tried an Olympus XZ-2.

I thought about the XZ2 some ... the tilting LCD seems like a huge benefit (I love tilting & especially fully articulating LCDs).  But I saw numerous reports of AF issues (difficulty locking focus) in dim light at tele settings.  And my impression of Oly cameras is that they're amazing on paper, but complex in person.  Also, it's $550 while the LX7 has been selling at nice discounts.  The G15 is interesting; tall, but not as deep as the LX7, with a slightly slower lens, but longer tele.  The loss of the articulating LCD helps with the size, but is unfortunate.  What else did I consider ?  The Samsung EX2F has nice specs, but I'm not interested in quirks associated with a manufacturer who doesn't have lots of experience, and I saw the EX2F in person and it seemed very cheap feeling/looking (especially in white).  And the Fujis ... ahh, the Fujis   The X20 would be my choice if not for (a) size that defeats the purpose of a compact and (b) poor results from raw conversions (at least I'm assuming the X20 will continue to suffer from that issue).

Ultimately it came down to RX100 v LX7; more compact, better sensor versus better lens, lower price and a bit more enjoyable to use (at least that's my perception).  So I ordered the RX100 and time will tell how well I take to it.

- Dennis

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