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Re: Big vs. Pretty Bokeh... Aperture vs. Apodization

El Matadurr wrote:

Ah, good explanation. I knew how APO lenses worked after reading a few reviews of that interesting STF lens, but wasn't sure how (technically) bokeh was rendered in the other lenses.


"APO" usually means apochromatic, not apodized (which is what the STF is).

Apochromatic has to do correction of the lens design to bring multiple colors into focus in the same plane at the same time. Classically, achromatic lenses only promise that two specific wavelengths share the same focal plane, whereas apochromatic designs promise at least three do. Digital cameras have wider spectral sensitivity than most films, so this can be an issue -- for example, NIR defocus causing PF (purple fringes). However, it has very little to do with bokeh.

For more about OOF PSF (where bokeh come from), Microsoft has posted a talk I gave at MSR in 2011:

The Benefits Of Being Out Of Focus: Making the Most of Lens PSF

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