Do you wish digital photography was not invented?

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Re: Do you wish digital photography was not invented?

Midwest wrote:

pannayar wrote:

I couldn't care less. It is not that I want to work with old school equipment either (I wouldn't be good at it with my current skills anyway). I could be one of those Tom, Dick and Harry.

An analogy (say in Math) that I can think of is let us say you want to calculate the tenth power of N. Someone with a calculator will just punch it in. But it is a different thing (and a beauty to it) to calculate it using the logarithmic (and reverse logarithmic) tables...

Bad analogy.

It's more like 'Is it more satisfying to travel across the country in a modern car, or is it better to slog along on foot while exposed 24/7 to the elements.' Just because something is harder or less convenient does not make it better.

Do you ever wish modern kitchen ranges and ovens weren't invented? Wasn't food tastier when it was cooked by the heat of burning logs?


It is not about it being harder or less convenient.  It is about knowing/being aware of the basics.  It is like, the modern car breaking down for something simple and the driver not knowing what to fix or where to look.

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