Aperture doesn't have distortion correction for lenses?

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Re: Aperture doesn't have distortion correction for lenses?

graybalanced wrote:

kevinparis wrote:
the corrections specified by the lens maker embedded in the RAW file. Lightroom on the other hand seems to offer a deeper level of identification and control based on a lens profile and adobes interpretation of what needs corrected

It goes beyond just Adobe's interpretation, because LR also lets you make your own lens correction profile in case there is no profile for your lens, or if you think you can do better than Adobe's profile.

Understood... and if that level of control is important to someone then it could be a factor  in a choice between LR and Aperture.

To me its an irrelevance, as the correction provided by Aperture is all I (and I am guessing a sizeable majority of photographers) actually need


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