Will my gear survive in weather ranging from 0 to -6 degree temperature?

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Re: Will my gear survive in weather ranging from 0 to -6 degree temperature?

David Naylor wrote:

Noogy wrote:

I have brought both my 7D and 6D in minus 10 to minus 15 Celsius temperatures and both survived unscathed. I practiced proper camera all the time, such as keeping them in camera bags when not in use, ensuring I allow temp adjustment by putting them in sealed plastic bags when I enter a warm room after shooting in freezing temps and I use a lint-free cloth to wipe the viewfinder, the filters, etc. whenever needed. I've used various lenses in these occasions, weather-sealed and not. The lenses likewise did not develop any problem, even during instances when there is light to moderate snowfall.

After I return to my warm tropical country, I thoroughly clean my cameras and lenses including an effort to eliminate moisture spots and embedded dust.

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Living in Sweden I regularly go out and shoot in anything between -20 and 0 C. I have never bothered with the whole plastic bag thing, I'd say it is a little overkill. Condensation seems more like a short term problem than a long term one. I.e. lenses fogging up will stop you from shooting when you get inside, but they will soon clear up again.

Putting your camera in your camera bag before you come inside (and letting it warm up gradually in the bag) is probably more than enough caution. A hot tip is to get the memory card out of the camera before coming inside, so you can get right into editing your photos.

David, I agree with you for the most part. Like you, I shoot a lot in very cold weather, even when it's snowing sometimes. I rarely follow the plastic bag "rule" mainly because I live in a fairly low-humidity climate, and my house is heated by forced air which makes it quite dry inside--much less available moisture to condense when I get back home.

For those who go from the cold into a warm place that might be highly humidified for house plants, health reasons, personal preference, etc., their gear would be more subject to condensation. Possibly on some of the electronics.

You're right, though. The moisture would just eventually dry out and everything would be fine the majority of the time. There might be a rare possibly that a small water spot or two could form inside the lens from pre-existing dust (the Canon 17-55mm comes to mind). Again, more the extreme side of all of this.

That's a good idea about getting the memory card out. No need to wait on PP if the contacts are dry--easily wiped off if not.


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