D7100's suitability as D300 replacement...

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Re: D7100's suitability as D300 replacement...

Aaron WillisChang wrote:

Having only one button to control flash options as well as release the pop up? Sounds like an improvement to me, instead of having an extra popup release button that works even when the camera is off... opening a bag and finding the D300's flash open often enough.

Five years with a D70S and 2.5 years with D300S, I have never opened the bag and found the popup flash open. I have accidently opened with the camera in my hand.

Best thing about two buttons, I can adjust the flash compensation of my SB-800 without taking my eye from the viewfinder.

Complain about logical things, please,

No ten pin, no pc socket, no AF-On. If I cared I am sure I could come up with others. I will not be replacing my D300S until broken or stollen so I am more interested in a generation or two past the current line. None do anything I need done that the D300S lacks.

D7100 will be a fine camera, but it is lacking in the things that make the D300/D300S the choice of a group of photographers.

Just my two cents that I'm angry about and feel others should listen. As per usual.

Do you also get angry when someone buys a Camaro instead of a Mustang, do you feel Camaro owers inferior to corvette owners?

Maybe save your anger for when you lover get to fat to >>>>

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