D 7100 6 shot Raw Buffer IMO D400 still coming

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Re: D 7100 6 shot Raw Buffer IMO D400 still coming

+1 on the price gap.

I also find it funny how some will argue that a D400 will scavenge sales from one of Nikon's other cameras, yet Nikon makes the 3200, 5200, and now 7100 which are all a lot closer in price than the large hole in Nikon's lineup.  And don't get me started on the P&S cameras.

Plus, who says you can't have two products that cost about the same, yet appeal to different markets?  That would be growing the market.  People sometimes shop on a whole lot more than price.  A camera is a tool, and folks on this forum are looking for the right tool.  Hey Nikon, the tool is called a D400, or D8000, whatever as long as it has the specs we want.

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