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JakeB wrote:

rufusm wrote:

You still sound like a troll, have you owned and used a 'pro build' body? If you have you would clearly notice the difference in handling, ruggedness and overall speed of use. No flooding, just some people trying to correct your perception of what others may need or want.

JakeB wrote:

Elixir wrote:

What a pointless troll thread

But all the D300 users who are FLOODING the forum with complaints about a camera they have never tried are not trolls?

They ignore the D7100's superior image quality to complain about minor omissions, but are not trolls?

Sounds like you're one of them.

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Nothing to do with "my" perceptions, Ruf.

It's about the perceptions of gullible consumers who flattered themselves the D300 DX camera was "pro" because Nikon marketing encouraged them to do so.

How many of these bird spotters really need all this aluminum? Going off to shoot in war zones, are they? Of course not.

What's pathetic is that they're still buying into Nikon's old "pro" hype when a camera which will deliver much better images, yet which they think of as "consumer" and so not for them, is on the horizon.

Funny how easily consumers are manipulated.

How long have you had your D7100? Perhaps you could post some pictures so we could see for ourselfs. Otherwise you are nothing more than a Ken Rockwell reviewing and awarding a Gold seal to a camera you have never even seen.

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