iMac question for Nikon D800 files help needed

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Re: iMac question for Nikon D800 files help needed

ARB1 wrote:

Do you think getting a 2.9GHz or 3.1GHz over the stock 2.7GHz would make that much of a difference for what I'm doing? I made sure to look at getting 16GB of RAM which some have said would make a big difference with those large files.

Small differences in CPU clock rate don't matter much, especially seeing as how the CPU is not the only determinant of system performance.

If your budget and desk space allow, another option you might want to consider is purchasing the base-model 27-inch iMac ($1,799) and an 8 GB stick of memory from Crucial or OWC (about $50).  (RAM is user-installable on the 27-inch model, so you're not forced to buy it from Apple.)

For the extra $350 ($500 difference in base prices, minus $150 saved on the cost of the RAM), this would give you

  • A 27-inch screen
  • The ability to install up to 32 GB of RAM, should you need it at a later date
  • A 7200rpm hard drive
  • A slightly faster CPU and graphics chip (less important than the other items)
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