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Re: Question about RAW...Thanks so much!

marike6 wrote:

photocat2007 wrote:

Sorry to jump in but I have the MX-1 and love it. Thought I'd chime in with a couple of answers about the RAW shooting. I shoot RAW too and yes it does take maybe a second or two to write to the card i.e. it is not instant but you don't need to make a sandwich while waiting either

I have Lightroom 3 (and I'm on a Mac) and have had no problems with the RAW files.

Thanks photocat2007, for info on both of these topics. I will be buying an MX-1 for sure. The IQ is superb, and I prefer the design of it more than most Pentax cameras that I've seen in quite a while.

I'm somewhat surprised by the lack of posts around the camera.

I agree. I've been lurking and posting here since the MX-1 was announced, but it seemed to almost annoy some Q users that I was showing such a strong interest in the MX-1. One thing that I've been realizing about ALL the camera forums lately is for many it's one big camera competition. Which is why you have some many self proclaimed sensor size experts or people telling you what camera you should or shouldn't be using. For me along with the X20, for a compact the MX1 checks mostly all of the important boxes for me.

I'm guessing (hoping) it may be a "sleeper" success for Pentax but so far, have never been happier with a p&s (and I'm an owner of the "legendary" Fuji F31 and an Oly XZ-1, which completely died on me the day after I got my MX-1!)

I've also owned the XZ-1, which has a similar, some say the same lens as the Olympus. This is one reason that IQ is so outstanding from the MX-1. In case you missed it, The Camera Store does a nice field test of the MX-1, and compares it briefly to the popular G15. Let's just say that the MX-1 comes through with flying colors in the comparison and the test (see link below).

MX-1 Field Test

Anyway, thanks very much for taking the time to answer my questions. You helped a lot. Enjoy your camera and we look forward to seeing some images from it.

All the best and happy shooting, Markus

Hi Markus

So glad I could help!  Thank you for the link.  I did see the Camera Store video for the MX-1 and it convinced me to pull the trigger on getting the MX-1 (I am never an early adoptor of tech...but I guess this time was the exception)  I'm so glad I did.  It isn't "perfect" but then what camera is?  So far though I'm thrilled with it and hope you will be too.  The menu, the handling, the buttons/dials, even the slightly bigger size are, in my opinion, fantastic and make the camera easy and a joy to use (never could remember that funky Oly XZ-1 menu system!)  I am going to try to get out this weekend, despite some rainy weather, and take more photos.  Stay tuned and I look forward to seeing your MX-1 photos soon too


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