G1X or Nikon V1 dual kit?

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Re: G1X or Nikon V1 dual kit?

I had the V1 with 10-30 and 30-110,  and flash for about 7 months. It's a very fast focusing camera with good IQ below ISO 800. The viewfinder is quite good for a now inexpensive camera and Nikon has finally released a good prime for it, the 18.5mm 1.8. I liked the camera and it gave good results but the overall system (body,button layout, menu system, non disable photo review and more importantly IQ) just never sat well with me after a while. I originally wanted a G1X and my gut told me I should have got it instead of the V1 but the G1X was still very pricey at the time (so was the V1 I guess) but I listened to too many people complaining about the quirkiness of the G1X so I passed on it.

The V1 has several quirks of it own but is still a great camera especially at the price it's at now. I don't have my G1X yet (being delivered soon), but from what I've seen on flickr, forums etc.. the G1X has the IQ that I'm looking for in a smallish form factor. Sure it's not RX100 small but I want something I can hold onto and I like physical adjustment knobs/buttons and the flipout lcd has proven useful to me in the past. I don't want another dSLR due to size otherwise I'd go for an t4i or Nikon D5x00 etc..

Look at Flikr and other sources to see what IQ you like best and go from there.

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