Which 50 do you like on FX and why?

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Re: Which 50 do you like on FX and why?

i have the nikon G and the D - both 1.8

The new G is better across the whole frame to the edges, the old D needs to be stopped down to 2.8 for this while the G is sharp wide open.  The old D is sharper in the center, like super sharp

So the G should be the winner

But i think both are fine, i shot the G the other day with the kids at the park, nothing serious.  And all shots were good but not super sharp, i was actually surprised   I mean they were sharp but the D version in the center is super WOW sharp, its just soft on the edges.

I will say this, the new G version can be used no problem at 1.8 which is nice so i would probably opt for the new G version if i were you

As to the nikon 1.4 - the G is much cheaper, smaller, and i read the 1.4 is not sharp wide open

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