Just got a chance to try Dedolights

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Re: Just got a chance to try Dedolights

24Peter wrote:

Duncan C wrote:

RobertMartinu wrote:

24Peter wrote:

Back on-topic - there appear to many different Dedolights.

It gets easier once you realize that most Dedolights do the same thing (unless they are softboxes), its just the output and the power supply that differs. You can use anything that has "aspherics²" in its name to get the effect.

You can browse vimeo for "dedolight", there are some tech. demonstrations and behind the scene material.

I haven't heard of them before. It looks like the core product line uses low voltage halogen bulbs, but they also have LED lights as well.

To the OP, were you using the halogen system?

Sev - the OP - has been banned for 7 days prehaps for posting NSFW images directly in the thread?

I wondered about that.  They are very well done, and pretty tasteful for this sort of thing, but a pretty clear violation of the rules of the forum.

I'm surprised a mod hasn't taken down the images.

In any event, he contacted me earlier today to clarify:

"I used one 650 with the lens no masks for the face primarily. And one 150 for the model's hips. And a couple of Fresnel lenses from behind."

Thanks for the update. Now I need to go figure out what a 650 and a 150 is.

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