Tired of D5200 talks - here's a D40 thread :)

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Re: Tired of D5200 talks - here's a D40 thread :)

There's a place in Southern Utah called "Bridges National Monument". Bridges are caused by a creek finally cutting through a rock wall leaving an arch overhead. There's three in this park and the hike down in the creek bed with towering rock walls either side is a real treasure. There's a road that goes around up top with viewpoints down to each bridge.

Sunny and blue sky is always great on a vacation but I always wanted a rainstorm to come up while I was there so I could capture the water cascading down the cliffs. Well, after many many blue sky trips there I finally got to see what I'd been hoping for.

The storm came up quick and I knew where I wanted to be to take shots. Since it was raining pretty hard I had to protect my D40 but I also had to change lenses from my 18-55 to my 55-200. I went outside into the downpour as the waterfalls began, plastic bag over my camera. I'd pull back the bag enough so the lens could see and snap away. Run back to the car, towel off my camera, change lenses, run back out.

The water coming into the cliffs over the canyon changed from fairly clear to muddy reddish-brown as the storm raged on and the drainage area extended well beyond the canyon walls so the ephemeral waterfalls lasted about 30 minutes. Anyway, here's a few of what I got:

I could hear big water roaring in other areas, but the road is one way and it would take too long to drive all the way around to get back 1/4 mile to the other viewpoint. A few years before the park rangers said that a week before I got there then there was a "100 year flood" that took out their favorite stand of trees down in the canyon bottom. Trees probably 80 years old. The flood line was about 20 feet up the canyon wall! This time the water was running pretty good down there but nothing like that flood.

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