iMac question for Nikon D800 files help needed

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Re: iMac question for Nikon D800 files help needed

John Deerfield wrote:

I fail to see how I am changing the subject? The boot drive on the iMac in questions is a 5400rpm drive.

The question I asked you was why putting user data on a boot drive is a bad idea since that is what you said. You said that it is in general a bad idea to put user data on the boot drive. A general question, unrelated to any specific computer.

The boot drive. Why? I have no data in my user account folder. Apps will have their applications support and preferences and such, but I don't even keep iTunes there

And do you throw away all the data in your Library folder (which includes the Application Support folder, the Preferences folder but also all your e-mails for example) whenever you get a new computer (or just do a re-install)?

(I wouldn't want to image "migrating" my iTunes library).

Which is one of easiest things to migrate, you drag it and then you drop it.

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