Next lens for my K-30: macro 35mm or macro 50mm?

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Re: Next lens for my K-30: macro 35mm or macro 50mm?

For general walkaround use the 35mm will be more useful than the 50mm which is a short telephoto focal length - fine in its place and a good portrait focal length, but rather limiting if you just want to put one prime on the camera and go for a walk.  As Gerry pointed out above 35mm is an uncomfortably short focal length for close-up bug shooting (although it can be done - see below), but as you already have a 100mm macro on your Canon for that, this is not such an issue.  Think of the 35mm Ltd not as a specialised macro lens, but as a very good general-purpose prime (equivalent to a 'standard' field of view in 35mm film terms) with the bonus capacity to act as a macro sometimes.  I've had one for about 18 months and although I don't use it heavily I really appreciate it when I do.  Some examples below.

Best wishes

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