70 years ago: trial and execution of Hans and Sophie Scholl

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28to70 wrote:

True he was not elected by a majority, but he got elected legally.

No, not true. Hitler was never elected by the German people to any government office. Hitler was appointed, not elected, to the post of Chancellor by Hindenburg. He did run for public office twice but lost both times. More here if you are interested:


Hitler was forced to strike against the Soviet Union, as the latter was preparing to strike against Germany. Several Soviet sources have validated this. That's why most of Soviet invasion forces were destroyed in the initial German attack.

Hitler and Stalin had signed a non-aggression agreement. Hitler felt compelled to break it because, I suppose, of his maniacal belief he could mastermind a two front war. You can find more detail about it here.


Hitler was no angel by any means, just a product of his generation.

I have no idea what you mean by the above. If it were correct then everyone in his generation would have emerged as dictators.


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