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Re: Consumer complaints help force acknowledgement and change

Bruce Bracken wrote:

The only problematic poster on these forums is one who buries his head in the sand and pretends there is no problem, and then tells other people that they should also be burying their heads in the sand.

Remaining in a state of denial does nothing to force a company to acknowledge problems, and every consumer who pays money for a product that is not delivered in its promised and expected state has every right to complain about it.

This is a camera equipment forum, and everyone who has problems with their camera equipment should discuss it. This is how knowledge of problems gets shared and confirmed by other consumers, and, eventually, how companies are placed in a position where they are many times forced to publicly acknowledge widespread problems.

While I'm sure Nikon and people like the OP would prefer to keep problems silent, if you are a consumer experiencing problems, then you should be very vocal about your problems, share your experiences with others, confirm your problems with other owners of the same equipment, warn potential buyers of the risks they may be inheriting, and join in the community to help bring about acknowledgement and change by the companies releasing broken products.

The large quantity of D600 Sensor Dust threads that the OP complains about is precisely what helped bring about Nikon's public acknowledgement of the problem:

You believe I want to keep these problems silent?? You caught me.. I feel so foolish.  On a serious note I will say this again.. Some of the D800's and D4's have a focus problem. Do we agree on this?? Some of the D600's have a sensor dust or oil problem. I'm not denying or burying my head in the sand as you suggest.  A couple of threads could supply the information about these two very real problems.  That would be an efficient forum.  The problem arises when people feel the need to express their frustration, whether accurate or not.  Problems grow from a grain of sand into a mountain and everyone goes into mass paranoia.  Feeding ground for trolls. Very few of these complaint posts are even linked with a picture proving the problem. Long story short, these forums need to be moderated (are you listening DPREVIEW??) I wish well to anybody who has had a lemon and hope they can get it resolved as easily and quickly as possible.

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