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Re: You Are a Funny Guy

halai wrote:

J2photo wrote:

This forum has turned into a bunch of helpless whining gear collectors. Polls for "Sensor Dust" and "Left AF Issues" are getting out of control. Sensor dust is a fact of life people. Do you think we live in a vacuum? Buy a wet clean kit for $60 (Copper Hills) and fix the problem. You will get 100 swabs and the Eclipse cleaning fluid. It takes 1 minute and the problem is solved. "Feed the man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach the man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." The world and Nikon don't revolve around you. If you are to unwilling to clean it yourself, perhaps you should get a fixed lens camera. I'm not trying to be rude by any means I'm just trying to bring reality back to this forum. As for the the D800 AF problems, send it to Nikon. If you are still not satisfied sell it and try another Nikon camera or sell all your stuff write a letter to Nikon telling them how they ruined your life and you want compensation. These tools are not perfect. The engineering put into these tools is mind boggling. "For $3,000 this camera should be perfect." The $3000 I spent for the D800 paid itself off in 1 month. Now its just making me money. Learn to use your tools the way they are meant to be used. If its not working for you, try a different tool. If it needs to be cleaned, clean it. As long as you keep playing the victim you will continue to have "bad luck" "terrible customer service".

Love Ol' Gregg

I found your tread to be rude and flat out ridiculous!

Sometimes the truth hurts.. Take it as you want

You basically told people who just bought a brand new camera for $2000 to shut up and go buy an extra cleaning kit which cost another $60 to clean a defective camera from Nikon.

A cleaning kit should be in any pros bag regardless of whether or not the camera has dust issues. If the camera is defective SEND IT BACK.  Simple.  That is what return policies are used for

You are a funny guy.

You much have watched the video link at the bottom

Let me remind you again that this is a BRAND NEW camera, and not a used one that we purchased on ebay or craigslist.If that was the case, we would be happy to clean our equipments, and you don't need to remind us for that.

Seriously. Take a hand full of pictures and guess what, your camera is used.  If it comes from the factory covered in dust spots or is generating them at a noticeable rate, the camera should be returned or sent to Nikon to be inspected.

It's also funny how you said you are trying to bring reality to this forum. The reality is Nikon need to fix this or include a cleaning kit that cost $60 that you mentioned as a package deal for people who are buying the D600.

I could not agree more with you on Nikon fixing the camera if it has a problem.  I clearly stated that in my original post.

Like you mentioned, if you are not happy with your camera, then return it, which exactly what I did. I will continute to use my D700 until it dies. By that time if Nikon still have the dust/oil issue, I will invist my money else where.

I am glad that you are satisfied with your D700 which is a great camera. You have no need for anything else.

Happy shooting!


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