Backup tools and insurance for Android phones

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Re: Backup tools and insurance for Android phones

Jeff Peterman wrote:

First, most carriers offer insurance - typically about $5-$8 a month with a $50 deductible (around $60 to $96 a year).

AT&T, which is the carrier I usually use, require a $200 deductable with their insurance so it does not seem worthwhile to me.

As for backup, there's many free ways to backup your Apps, plus once you've bought them, you can download them again from the Google or Amazon markets if you wish. Plus, you can just connect the phone to your computer and manually copy them all over if you wish (the same is true with all you data).

I was thinking more about the app data rather than the apps themselves. For example, I currently use password storage software and would like to be able to back up that data so, in case I have to replace the phone, I can restore all of my password information. Similarly I have other apps that store data that I would like to safeguard.

Finally, some manufacturers provide free software for managing and backing up the phone - my Samsung came with "Kies," which offers much of the functionality of iTunes, including a backup option.

Will that backup software save and restore app data? iTunes does it for some apps but not for all.

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