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Re: I didn't like the super zoom

Jeadm wrote:

Actually my experience is similar. I shot Minolta back in film days, went Canon in digital for years (most recent 60D), then to Sony most recently. Hedged my bets when I returned, trying to decide which system to go with and which to get rid of. So I did what any shameless gearhead would do: kept both and spent more than I should.

All of 18 years, I had the same film camera . Minolta X700 (I think) I loved that camera, and all of the Minolta lenses. It was still like new after 18 years , and I got a good buck on trade when digital was just coming in. My first was a Canon D60, the I ended up going Nikon. Nikon D70,80,90,D300,D300s.


But my Canon is sorely neglected these days.

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