Very Close Encounter With a Deer (19 photos)

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Very Close Encounter With a Deer (19 photos)

These photos were taken with my Sigma 75-200mm F3.8 (a Carl Zeiss designed lens) no teleconverter and little to no cropping, only cropping was for slight composition adjustment

Now I'm telling you the photos in the gallery tell the whole story, everything from playing peek-a-boo with the young deer behind bushes and twigs to nature calls photos to a friend with a Nikon scaring the poor deer LOL. The parent deer went to the other side of the river because we were getting too close but this young deer was a little more rebellious, it stuck around and not only that it actually approached me and came within 2-3m of me. After the mom came back to the riverside it was finally convinced it had to make the scary trip across the ice, when it got to the other side i cheered out loud for it LOL

Not every shot is at 200mm actually there are quite a few at wider focal lenghts

Here are some of the best but for the whole experience you should visit the gallery! Do have a look at the EXIFs to see the focal length and get an idea of how close i was.

In thick bush chowing down on breakfast

More Breakfast

Just 75mm


Friend with a Nikon scary the poor little deer LOL

Contemplating the crossing

Maybe the human will know a better way to cross!

I'll go ask

Lets try again, I hear mommy calling

Get over here already!

Ok but its slippery!


Do Enjoy!

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Flat view
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