Fuji XP1 beats Nikon on "Birds In Flight" shoot-out!

Started Feb 22, 2013 | Discussions thread
Mark Carr Senior Member • Posts: 2,314
Re: Fuji XP1 beats Nikon on "Birds In Flight" shoot-out!

Hi Fenwoodan,

Wonderful set of pictures, impossible to pick a favorite.  And thanks for adding your comments, I'm sure others on the forum will appreciate it. I've always wanted to get that lens, everything I've read about it is very positive. What a shame it doesn't have a tripod collar though, but you can't have everything.

About how far were you from the birds when you took the pics? Have you ever tried to zone focus while shooting birds, it would eliminate the need to focus on them when they're in flight.

Glad to see the "X" cam being used this way, most of the pics on the forum are landscape or street shots, not that there's anything bad about this. Just great to see somebody using the camera in a way that most would use a DSLR.

Best of luck with your bird photography.



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