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Re: DPR studio shot comparisons

Robsphoto wrote:

Can you give some examples of "wildly different" exposure settings, I think you may be over magnifying things here!

You often see exposure settings differ by 2/3 of a stop in those tests.

And before you say, that 2/3 stop is not wild:

When some test shows that the difference in high ISO performance between two cameras is 2/3 of a stop, people consider this difference to be rather wild, judging from the comments here.

Why are they "test errors" when different cameras will often produce different shutter speeds, given that ISOs and F/Nos are set the same?

I have already adressed this in a reply to you in another thread a few days ago, but I will repeat the essential part:

Because when shooting in the real world, we adjust our ISO up to be able to use the short shutter speed we want. We don't adjust our shutter speed down to be able to use the high ISO we want.

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