D7100 Buffer

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Re: D7100 Buffer

Brandon birder wrote:

Well you could try getting the exposure right and switching to Jpeg. The buffer then grows to 30+ -100. After all many BIF's are planned and need compensation changing anyway. Could set up U2 as a BIF mode with all this set up.

After all what did everyone do before Raw files? They paid attention to get exposure right.

Exposure can be a moving target.  Most notably for me, the reflections from fish change every frame, and blown highlights are certainly likely, esp if I can't take advantage of the RAW headroom.

As I said, in the old days, they shot a high percentage of loser shots, just as now.  A underwater photography was happy to get 2 or 3 good shots from an entire roll/dive.

You're subjecting yourself to an artificial limitation over $20 or $30 in parts cost.

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