D 7100 6 shot Raw Buffer IMO D400 still coming

Started Feb 21, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: D 7100 6 shot Raw Buffer IMO D400 still coming

NikonMike wrote:

Yeah, I have little doubt now that the D300s replacement will be forthcoming in 2-3 months, as Nikon has left room with both features and the price. I think the key is the 10-pin connector. Had the D7100 had the 10-pin connector, then I think would we could have said with certainty there woiuld be no D300s replacement. But that didn't happen.

Seriously? 10 pin connector? Couldn't you just buy a replacement plastic 10 pin connector, glue it on the D7100 in the right place, then everyone thinks you have a 'pro' camera.

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