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Re: The rationale for a 7D2

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One little detail that will force any action photographer to by a D400 (if it's in the pipeline) or a D4 (which many can't afford) or change to Canon or whatever else is available out there. Your move, Nikon. Please come up with the D400 before my D300 says goodnight, will you?

That's a weird situation:

The Nikon D300 is ancient technology, the Canon 7D almost as old and Pentax isn't famous for its AF accuracy (and not available in many countries). Should I hope for an Olympus E-7?

7D2 is coming, there will be more choices. Meanwhile either a D300 or a D7100 will fill the gap.

where is 7d2 ?

1. Canon took 4 generation of x0D bodies to realize they were loosing pros to the Nikon Dx00 line.

Don't think so. Canon users going after a pro camera always looked for a larger than APS-C sensor, because that was always the Canon user's definition of what was a 'pro' camera. When the 7D came out it was castigated as not being a true 'pro' xD camera, due to the sub-size sensor. What the Canon pro wannabes were looking for was a less expensive 1D, with the APS-H sensor and 45 point AF system in a compact body for sub $2k, because what they actually wanted was a camera that could be called 'pro' in Canon terms. They called it the '3D' in the same way that people here talk about the 'D400', but the 3D never happened, instead they got the 7D, APS-C sensor, cut back AF, etc.

2. Finally, they launched a true competitor in the 7D.

Never was a direct competitor. Only in frame rate.

3. 7D has been a huge success still among the top seller while D300s is selling in very very low numbers (check Amazon, 7D is at #15, D300 at 55, D300s is below ...; even D90, 3 generations ago, sells more than D300s, a current model but actually almost 6yo model).

If Nikon had felt moved to put the 16MP sensor in the D300 that would have sold in similar quantities, very likely. The 7D is a good package for high speed long distance shooting, due to the pixel dense sensor and high frame rate. That's it's USP. Nikon didn't probably because it simply wasn't worth it for them. The 7D defined the price slot, and the D300 must be a very expensive camera to make (the 7D has the much more mass-production friendly D7000 style construction). So, likely as a business proposition, the updated D300 made more sense. Instead, Nikon decided to develop a 7D like platform in the D7000, which has now achieved maturity with the D7100.

4. 60D has not hurt 7D, it also sells well.

Cute product positioning on Canon's part. 60D also has a USP, an enthusiast camera (defined by two control wheels for those who take controlling exposure seriously) with a flippy screen - a big advantage for quite a few types of photography. The 60D is a good package, I've seriously considered buying one several times. In the end, I won't because it doesn't give me a lot over the D800 in crop mode, but if I had gone for a 5DIII, I very much might have got a 60D as well.

5. The lowest priced FFs (but still higher in price) are not in the same body league, in any sense (D600 is now lower than the D7100 body-wise).

All the lowest price FFs are exactly in the same body league. Same construction principles.

6. Why stop the line? Only at Nikon's top level this may have looked like a good path, I bet Canon won't make the mistake of leaving that public orphan again.

I think they are both moving towards a 3 model APS-C lineup, differently. Canon will not introduce two linear replacements for the 7D and 70D, they'll introduce something inbetween. They might call it 7DII or 70D, but it will be in between and just one camera.

7. Hope Nikon listen.

They listen to the bottom line.

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