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Re: Is it reasonable ...

jonrobertp wrote:

1. To expect the 70D to have the 19 pt. AF cross sensor array from the aging 7D ?

2. and that the hi iso may be lifted just a bit from native maybe 8000 or ..even the top FF now boasts 200k iso...and 50K iso is certainly usable for small prints or web use...therefor, if the sensor gets to within 1 or 1.3 stops of the just MIGHT have 12800 native iso ??

3. And later, the 7D...with faster frame rate, gps, wi-fi...which items are not of much interest to me...sorta like Nikon did...leave off the latest techno goodies...and keep the essentials together w/a good price and small body size.

Why ? ...because I'd hate to get the D7100...which looks attractive, then have the 70D come with the specs I described in #1 and 2 above just a short time later.

So, is it reasonable ?

No it's not reasonable.

If the 70D will come in the summer, the decision on the specs is already done, but the people that "really know" have signed Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) that threatens their kids, their dogs, their cats and their first born... so they can't say anything.

The rest of us do not know.

Now for the Nikon D7100, I hope that it will be a great camera and that will push Canon to up their game... Me, I'm not switching, it would be too expensive, I have more than $12,000 invested in Canon related gear.

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