Am I the only one who has zero desire to post process??

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Re: Yes, I was rude. I'm sorry.

Photozopia wrote:

WoodWorks wrote:

.... I know of no one who post processes every image they take, only the images that have great potential. So the time involved is minimal.

This is obviously not true for many DPR users ... if one is judging by the amount of bile directed (in some arenas) toward those who dare to say that lengthy PP of every image is not needed.

Oddly, the strongest adherents to RAW only + lengthy PP regimes are often those with the most boring or banal images ... evidenced by the frequent dross seen illustrating their 'claims'. Either that, or photos of test charts ...

It's rare to see compelling, artistic images from 'compulsory PP' sources.

I totally agree. Sometimes the extensive post-processing just struggles to cover the lack of artistic value. I like something that Ansel Adams said: "There is nothing worse than a sharp picture of a fuzzy concept".


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