Resolution: What does 20+ MP really mean to you?

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NomadMark Contributing Member • Posts: 603
Resolution: What does 20+ MP really mean to you?

So, I'm reading the posts in the NEX form, and I kind of wonder about what some people do?

There is a lot of chatter about new sensors, and some people speculate what comes next for cameras like the NEX 7. And even the a77.

I can quote people saying they would be disappointed if pixel count went down, or stayed the same. Even if it meant better corner to corner sensor performance, better ISO performance, and better auto focus performance. So, I have to ask...what are you people doing with your pictures?! What size are you ACTUALLY printing?! If you're not printing...then you really can't complain about 24MP, 20MP, or even 16MP?! Help me understand.

I print regularly. 36" and 48" length most often. And I get the jobs where printing upwards to 6 or 7 feet is not uncommon (though it's usually multiple pictures stitched at this point). I also have pictures published in adventure magazines, and skate/snow/surf magazines, papers and journals both in North America and abroad, as well as online blogs and magazines and I can't fault even my 18 mp Canon 7D, with respect to resolution. Neither can my customers or publishers. What WOULD make a difference for me? Better corner to corner sensor performance (i.e. elimination of corner color cast), better ISO performance, and better auto focus performance...and perhaps better dynamic range, and information depth in raw files so as to be able to push them harder in post processing. All these things will make both sharper and more vivid pictures at any size. With my NEX 7 sensor, 24MP is NOT a limiting factor. I repeat, I print fairly big, and often.

So, what ARE you doing with your files. I really am curious. Because I have no complaints about the sharpness of my 18MP 7D with a 70-200 2.8L attached, printed at 3-4 feet in length at a minimum. Let alone my NEX 7; I love my NEX 7, and my (minor) gripes come more from other issues, rather than counting MP's. But that's just my 2 cents. I DO enjoy the higher res of my 5D, and my NEX7, but is it necessary if you don't print large?

Below is an example of what I have printed with an 18MP sensor. One of my favorite shots from this past year. 36" tall...and sharp as a tack. Excuse my scruffy appearance!

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