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My question is: Until I decide which camera to keep ( or I may end up keeping both) as a walk around do all lens, I have been looking at the Sony 18-250 mm, Sigma 18-250mm or the Tamron 18-250mm. I have no experience with any of these lenses , so I am asking for serious advise on which of the 3 is the better lens, or another suggestion would help too.

My reason for this is to keep the Nikon D300s as my birding camera, and the Sony as my everyday camera., and if I did this, then instead of having so many Minolta lenses, I could just have one. I would keep the 28 & 50mm however.

Well, you are looking one generation back, older lens designs.

Tamron made the Sony 18-250, only slight differences between it and the Tamron 18-250.  However, Tamron has discontinued the 18-250 in favor of it's replacement, the 18-270.  The 18-270 is simply a better lens, not only incremental improvement in IQ, but focus is faster and silent. It's a excellent lens for this type and generally holds it's own against shorter zooms in the same price range.

I've stepped through these superzooms as they have evolved, started with the 18-200, then the Sony 18-250 and ever since it came out the 18-270. Each step has been improvements, and not just in longer focal length. I would not go back to the previous versions now. I have an extensive A mount lens set including many of the best A mount lenses.  But a one lens walkabout lens is often the best thing to be carrying in my outdoor, nature and landscape shooting.

I shoot with several a700s and the 18-270 is always ready to go on one of them, it sees a lot of use. (my other a700s generally have long tele and macro lenses on them so I don't have to do much lens changing)  With the extensive use mine has seen there is some zoom creep, but for me that does not create problems. And the previous generations also had creep with lots of use.

I think you would find the 18-270 a excellent choice as a one lens walkabout lens to cover lots of photography.  And it's what I'd recommend for that usage.

As a farther note I don't recommend building up multiple systems with incompatible mounts.  It always results in carting more and more cost and equipment to maintain. Our load can get heavy enough without doing that.

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