How much abuse can a lens take in shipping?

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Re: How much abuse can a lens take in shipping?

contax4ever wrote:

I watched the deliveryman drop a box from a couple of feet onto my porch with a new Zeiss lens. Even with the protection in the standard box from the factory, is this kind of shock a potential problem for a sensitive optic? In this case the shipper did not have any air or bubble wrap around the manufacturer's box (it was a just box in a box). Now, OF COURSE, I don't see what happens at various points in the journey. Perhaps these boxes get knocked around worse than we think on conveyors, going onto trucks, etc. I'm hoping that photo equipment can take more shock than I think. Please convince me not to be worried as long as no damage can be observed!!!! Yes, it's silly, but part of the fun of the hobby for me is that I do treasure these fine items--they are more than just a "tool." Call me weird if want.

I just shipped a large lens back for repair by ground, they fixed it and shipped it back ground. Nowhere on the box was it marked FRAGILE and that's from the distributor. So it should be OK, but "the less you know, the better you are." I don't know to see or know.

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