365 Days of RX1 - one camera, one lens, 12 projects

Started Feb 13, 2013 | Discussions thread
GreenmanToo New Member • Posts: 22
Re: 365 Days of RX1 - one camera, one lens, 12 projects

Hi Luca. Great stuff as expected from your Nex series.

I have been waiting to pull the trigger on the RX1 until the reviews came in. Looks good and have just ordered one.

Am hoping it will rekindle my love affair with RF cameras which have included Leica 111a & 111f, M6, Contax, Konica, Olympus Electro, Minolta CL and my favourite small Minolta TC1 which I still use for B&W film work. I've been underwhelmed by most digital models(including the Leica) so maybe this will be the one.

Do you have the accessory viewfinder? What magnification is it?

Still looking to source a separate battery charger that isn't a huge brick.


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