D 7100 6 shot Raw Buffer IMO D400 still coming

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Why no 7D2? Re: No way and forget the 7DMk2 as well

Franglais91 wrote:

When Nikon phase out a product line they introduce a boosted version of the next model underneath that is almost as good but not quite.

We saw this with the high-end pro DX models. The DX-format D2X gave way to the FX-format D3. And the DX-format D200 was packed with D3 features to make the D300. A hugely successful - but temporary - DX pro camera.

Now the D300 has gone and been replaced with the D800 as lower-end pro camera. And we see the D7000 being packed with the 51-point autofocus, weather sealing etc. from the upper models - while still remaining a pro-am camera.

Forget the D400. It will never happen.

Canon's recent strategy has been to clone the most successful cameras in each segment, better if possible:

Nikon D300 gives Canon D7

Nikon D4 gives Canon D1X

Sony NEX gives Canon M

But if there is no D400 that means no 7DMk2, but a 70D which is a D7100 equivalent.

BTW - I hope I'm wrong for all the people out there who are hoping for a D400 or whatever. But well - my scenario is horribly believable..

Think about it, the 7D is still in the top 20 best selling dslrs at Amazo0n, why would Canon drop that line, after taking 4 x0D generations to realize they needed it?

And D800? It's almost 2x the price of the D300s, is that an update? The D7100 is basically a D7000 plus new sensor and new AF. Not a D300s replacement. Nikon may drop the line, but IMO it will be a huge mistake, especially if Canon is smart and keep the 7D line.

A Canon pro could well use a 5D3 (oustanding body) and a 7D2. very complete setup. As was D700 and D300 back then. Nikon is missing the boat not producing a 24MP D800 and a D400. And the sales are showing it, check Amazon again and look for 5D3 and D800. Look for 7D and D300s ...

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