Nikon AF 24mm F2.8 non-D versus D. Have you used both?

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Re: Nikon AF 24mm F2.8 non-D versus D. Have you used both?

irobinso wrote:

So far no one appears to have mentioned a not uncommon problem with dslrs not matching up with lenses. That is, the image being slightly out of autofocus, but when checked on manual focus being "under" or "overfocus" (microscopists are very familiar with this focusing technique). It can be unusual for a newly acquired lens (old or new) to be perfectly sharp owing to tolerances in the manufacture and calibration of both cameras and lenses. The technique of lens alignment is very well explained and remedied in the site below:

This may relieve a lot of expense and frustration in hunting for the "perfect lens" .

Good Luck, DPR.

Great article, thanks for posting it. I've read about having a Nikon service center do it for you, but an affordable DIY solution sounds more affordable in the long run.

I have the same need for a good indoors lens on DX. This older 24 mm f/2.8 sounds like a decent value. I may have to check it out myself.

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