Why I am selling my A57: the noise is killing me

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The part that's not nonsense is how the automatic settings screw things up.

What I do is I use M mode almost exclusively. I set the ISO to the lowest I can get away with. I set the A as wide as possible that I know produces sharp results depending on the lens I'm using. I set the screen to display the histogram, and play with the speed to get the bulk of the raised area of the histogram to coincide with the scene.

I take a shot, and get the preview to who the small version where it flashes overexposed areas, which helps me train how to interpret the histogram when shooting.

I use a decent lens. The Tamron 17-50 f2.8. I'm reasonable with my expectations what the AF can do. Eg. taking very wide angle, the AF doesn't have much to grab on to. With the 17-50 the focus stays the same when you zoom. So, zoom in, focus, zoom out, shoot.

But then when the camera is handed off to the wife, she uses auto settings. Results are awful compared to my shots. Myself, I'm perfectly happy with the camera, and right now, I would buy the exact same one again should it get dropped and break or something. The upcoming A58 doesn't live up to my requirements. The A65 limits video to ISO 1600 which is a deal breaker for me.

Anyway, the results that I get from my A57 are absolutely outstanding. I highly highly doubt you can outdo it with any Canon or Nikon non-full frame camera.

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