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Re: I didn't like the super zoom

Jeadm wrote:

Well if you don't mind a two lens solution like the Tammy 17-50 plus a telephoto 55-300 or whatever it's always ideal for IQ vs the superzoom. You sounded like you wanted a jack-of-all-trades lens, now you're veering back to two lenses...LOL, reminds me of me actually.

I didn't want to go superzoom at first because of the IQ compromises. Ultimately I ended up getting one for practical purposes (1 lens to carry, not able to easily make lens changes), had two newborns in the span of 15 months so I was trying to simplify a bit. I held out for a long time before getting one, and bought what I felt was the best one available at the time (Sigma 18-250 DC OS HSM). I don't regret the buy, it's a very nice lens for what it does (firmware hassles aside) and would have done the same thing again.

When I first got my Nikon D300 5 years ago, I purchased the Nikon 18-200mm VR lens. Of all the zoom lens on the market , it is the best one for sure, but honestly.. I sold it, as I am not crazy about zooms. The only reason that I am considering one now, is that I am not going to put much money into any high end lenses for the Sony until I have decided which camera is better for me. I love my Nikon, but the Sony is growing on me too. I  only considered the Sony last December, after buying a NEX 5N as a walk around camera, and finding out that I am not crazy about that type of camera, so I switched it for the A65 . I am, at the moment not sure about the A65 for all my needs. I have not had time to test it out for BIF and the likes

When I have made up my mind as to which of the cameras that I want to keep (I only need one). then if it the Sony, I will get the better lenses.

Thanks again

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