Next lens for my K-30: macro 35mm or macro 50mm?

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Re: Next lens for my K-30: macro 35mm or macro 50mm?

liviutza wrote:

I bought a K-30 a month ago or so; not used the kit lens much as I had some older primes around. For me the ideal walkaround lens is a macro and one of the two in the list is very likely to be my next. Could you please talk me into one of them? I would like to get the smaller one but they seem quite close in size and I believe the 35mm would be more interesting (I do have 100mm macro in my Canon system if longer working distance is required).

Any experiences you can share would be most welcome - not sure how many people own both lenses.

For true 1:1 macro the 35 is almost useless because you need to be so close to the subject.  The closest focus distance is about 6-8mm in front of the front element so if your subject is three-dimensional (say you're trying to catch a closer version of this type of shot) you can hit the side of the subject with the lens.  And you can use your 100 there anyway.

On the other hand, as long as you pull back just a bit the lens is great.  I find 50mm too long for ordinary walking about.  I don't have a 50mm macro but I do have a 50mm lens and it gets about 1/50th of the use of my 35.

But ... in ordinary walking about I hardly ever get closer than I'd get with a non-macro lens of equal FL.

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