iMac question for Nikon D800 files help needed

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Re: iMac question for Nikon D800 files help needed

John Deerfield wrote:

And why would that be? Because a boot drive might fail more often or suffer corruption because it used more? Or because it might more often need to be completely erased (which would require a shuffle of the images)?

Sure, those are good reasons.

In 20 years owning Macs, I never had to erase my boot drive except once when I took one wrong turn running the migration assistant, but I also had to erase my (new) data drive because it was also affected by my MA mistake. I also never had a boot drive fail.

So, yes, there is a marginal case that a boot drive gets used more and is more likely to fail but using two drives instead of one also increases your likelihood that one of will fail.

And in this case, the internal drive is 5400rpm which is slower. And, using an external drive for your data is going to be faster: one set of read/write heads to run the computer and another to cache data (images).

You said putting image on a boot drive is not recommended. That was an advise regarding boot drives not an advice to avoid putting (any) data on a 5400 rpm drive. And I would rather have a fast drive for my boot volume than for my data volume.

As a bonus, it's easier to move your data to a new computer!

Only if the external drive is data only, if your user account is also on it, it is actually more work (as MA won't migrate the system to one drive and the user accounts to another). It is a bit quicker because you have to copy less data but then this something happening only every couple of years.

In the end, there are several great reasons to use an external drive for your data.

And now-a-days I can't think of any reason not too.

Clutter? Laptops? Extra backup routines to set up? If your user account is still on boot drive, you will have to distribute data manually between the two drives when the boot drive fills up.

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