13x19, 17x22 ready fit framing options

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Re: 13x19, 17x22 ready fit framing options

designdog wrote:

Surely this has been discussed here before, but a search did not reveal a good solution for me.

I have an Epson 3800 that I have little used. Want to print and frame some of my photos, hang them in our home, and changeout the images on a seasonal basis.

Ideally I would like to order paper sheets, 13x19 or 17x22, and put them in modest frames that would fit that size. Better yet, on those size sheets I would actually print a smaller image, which would be contained within the mat that came with the frame. So the viewable image would be smaller.

Since I would be swapping the images out, I would want frames with backing and hardware of sufficient quality to withstand this. Some I have seen just about fall apart the first time you open them.

Think I will be printing Epson Velvet Fine Art paper, not that it matters.

Any suggestions?


The 13 x19 prints can fit into an 18x24 frame giving you a 2.5" even border that you would need a matte for. Michaels carries them and they are fairly inexpensive and well-made.

Look on B&H for 13x19 exact fit frames. They have nice ones available at good prices. You should use spacers that stick to the edge of the glass for an air space between the glass and the photo. These spacers are available at


Look on Amazon for the 17X22 frames. Same goes for the spacers.

You can also get pre-cut matte frames - in either stock sizes or custom. I just bought several from the following place and they were well done and inexpensive.


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