D800 is within factory standard! Needs +20 to stop it front focusing.

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Re: factory specs

RedFox88 wrote:

You must remember that within factory specs for focusing is a standard baseline that probably has no changed over time. While people are ​enlarging​ their photos more and more by viewing them so large on a computer screen. A photo that looked in good focus from a 4x6 film print viewed at 100% pixel view on a 27 inch computer screen might look rather different for the quality of the point in focus of the image.

View your d800 photos at 4" x 6" size and see how the focus looks. This is the heart of the issue of people thinking the focus on their camera is really out of tolerance when it's not. Everything can't be perfect in .05 seconds without the photographer choosing the final focusing for the image.

I see this type of reply all the time....it has NOTHING to do with the subject, which is not blurriness or lack of resolution, but is focus calibration as it relates to front/back focus.

It's very simple....you take a photo with the AF sensor on a suitable flat target, and in the same frame, have a 3D target such as a ruler to see where the actual focal point is. The LensAlign tool is a perfect tool for this...and the results can be seen even in a small JPG, so increased camera resolution has nothing to do with it.

My D200, D300, D2X, were dead on with most lenses. I even had a D3200 for a while, and it was dead on with all my lenses. My D7000 was dead on with all lenses except my 35mm f/1.8. My D800 is actually dead on with the right AF sensors, and backfocuses on the left AF point, and is now at Melville.

But the point is....do not settle on a camera that needs a +/- 20 to get ALL your lenses in focus. The camera is NOT in spec. Focus calibration should be required when using lenses that are out of tolerance, not because the camera is out of tolerance!

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