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Re: Headshot C&C Please

Thanks guys. The lens used was the original Minolta 50mm 1.4 on an a99 with the F60 mounted on the camera bounced.

My thinking is this...Some people don't want realistic portraits and want casual pictures for Facebook, etc. that make them look better than they are, so I chose this this focal length after looking at this:


and was working on making the face appear slimmer as well as Peter Hurley's jaw out technique.

I was also attempting to make the photo a little softer without having to do it in post, but I see that didn't work out so well because its obvious the nose is sharper than the eyes.

I can also see my flash in the window reflection so I will also have to try to change the angle to get that out of the shot.

I am trying to decide on a dedicated spot and easy lighting setup to take photos of friends that come over, like pre-party pics before an event. I may try to incorporate some of the existing lamps in the room to get more of a key light and fill light effect, but in previous tests, the bounce mounted on the camera was the best without pulling out umbrellas, which this is not the time for.

I will try some more tonight with the jaw out but head not tilted and see if that works better for men. (My wife picked the photo I posted here with the tilt as her favorite.)

Any more info on the WB? I'm not seeing any problems there.

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