Think these batteries are real?

Started Feb 22, 2013 | Discussions thread
123Mike Veteran Member • Posts: 4,643
Have a fake battery. Capacity reducing a lot after a few months.

The price of original Sony batteries are absurd. And previously for my A33, the aftermarket cheapo Chinese battery wasn't bad, even after quite a while. Not great, but it held up, and the battery on the A33 didn't last long to begin with (small battery).

Now with the A57, the battery is larger, and the Sony battery it came with is impressive. If I forget to charge it, I often get away with it.

Bought a very cheap Chinese battery from Ebay, something like $10ish delivered. At first I thought it came close to the Sony one. But I keep on being surprised that the camera runs out of power sooner and sooner with it, as if I forgot to charge it. It's unfortunately loosing capacity as time goes by. I've had the battery for about 8 months. I flip the batteries back and forth. Sony in cam, China in charger, Chine in cam, Sony in charger.

I'd say, given how low cost it is, I'd say buy two. Then perhaps one of them won't diminish too quickly. Then a year from now, get another two. I think shelling out like $60+ for a Sony one just sucks. Rather spend it on a lens, like the M42 Vivitar 135 f2.8 + M42 at like $45 just to play with...

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