Fuji Roadmap Rumours (and in body stabilisation)

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Re: Fuji Roadmap Rumours (and in body stabilisation)

Keit ll wrote:

Thanks or your obsevations but I`m afraid that I don`t buy them ! It is my view that those who feel compelled to accept the status quo will always come up with some excuse......
If you have ever seen an exploded view of the NEX you will see that IBIS could be fitted with only slight modifications , a few extra mm in body dimensions would be imperceptible.

Well, I have no idea how much space an IBIS system really would take up inside a camera, so who knows. Sony have officially said that they won't put IBIS in the NEX cameras because of size issues, though.

I don`t think the comments about issues with microlenses are valid as they move with the sensor & this does not cause problems on other cameras.

It doesn't cause problems on the Oly cameras because the sensors are small enough not to get into angle-of-incidence issues with legacy lenses. And their own lenses all seem to compensate well for any potential problems...unlike some of Sony's, which as someone over in that forum mentioned, inspires the thought that their lens departments and camera departments have little communication with one another. And in Sony and Pentax SLRs/SLTs...well, the sensor is far enough away from the lens to once again avoid most angle-of-incidence problems. A large sensor mirrorless camera is in a whole different situation.

The cynical comment that providing IBIS would deter buyers from getting Sony IS lenses is not proven & whatever happened to the age old proposition that giving the customer what they want keeps them happy & keeps them coming back ? How many times have you read that including IBIS would turn away potential customers ?

No, of course it's not proven...it just makes sense, and as Sony is a giant multinational corporation and not a mom-and-pop artisan camera workshop, ´╗┐their´╗┐ age-old proposition is "mind the bottom line." They'll have done cost-benefit analyses of all the options and figured that they'll make the most money this way. Same with Fuji (just with a bit less evil as they seem to genuinely care a bit more about photography). And no, they wouldn't be turning away potential customers with IBIS...they'd simply be luring in customers who are going to spend less money with them post-camera-purchase. It's reasonable to think that their research has shown that the money they'd need to spend to implement a new IBIS system would not be worth whatever increase in camera sales they'd get out of it.

Keep in mind I'm not defending this at all - it's just the way things work.

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