How many are excited for the 56mm f1.4?

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Re: How many are excited for the 56mm f1.4?

DaveHutch wrote:

It's not an equivelant focal length, it's just a crop factor.
The focal length of around 90mm is normally quoted as being best for portraiture, due to the natural perspective it creates, without either enlarging or flattening the model's facial features.
That, combined with the fact that the distance between you and the subject isn't too large.
A 56mm lens will still have the same perspective as a FF 35mm SLR with a 56mm lens on, however it will be cropped due to the sensor size.
Ideally, you want a 90mm lens (or thereabouts) and you'll need to stand further away from your subject

Perspective is related to distance. To shoot the same photo, you have to stand back farther with an APSC, therefore creating the same perspective as an 84mm on FF. Shooting a 56/1.4 on APSC is exactly the same as shooting an 84/2.1 on FF.

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