Quality of Light (studio strobes, speedlites)

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Re: Metallic? Hooey!

To the point, ask yourself this:
In any Main and opposite side Fill lighting situation, what would be the difference between filling with a card versus filling with a light? Assuming that the amount of fills are similar, what differences would you expect to see within the two shadow areas?
You wrote:
"Personally, I would NOT trust the eye of somebody who couldn't pin down what they saw to something rather less vapid than a term like "metallic color," thanks. Indeed, as soon as I hear the weakness of that kind of use of words, I know they have given up on making any real sense, and are just talking out of their bum!"
There is no need to denigrate the OP. I filled in the word he was looking for and he went on to say, "the subjects looks better and have a good texture definition." We can allow and respond to that assuming he has eyes and there really is a difference. He doesn't have to be an expert photographer to evaluate those qualities in side by side examples of his own work.
Regarding his "known photographer", Joey L. http://www.joeyl.com/  this guy knows what he's doing. He has obviously mastered the craft and at such a young age! If I were searching for answers, I would gladly take anything he has to say and incorporate it into my own knowledge.
We all appreciate all the info you impart to this forum but perhaps you went over the top on this one.

Do you care to answer my question?

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