My Equipment is taking me to Kenya!

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Re: My Equipment is taking me to Kenya!


If you are travelling on some small bush flights, then yes the weight of your gear may be an issue.  Those tiny planes have little choice but to be strict.  If you're determined to bring all your gear, one option is to buy a second seat on the small flights to increase your baggage allowance.   Understandably this isn't a reasonable option for most.

The bush flights are very convenient and often the only way to get into some parks.  I've tended to stick to driving as one way to avoid the weight issue.  Pros and cons.

Though, to be honest, I did a bush flight in Tanzania once and they never looked twice at any of our luggage.  That's a risky bet to take, however!

If you're planning on doing a lot of landscapes in and around camp, the tripod is nice.  However, if that's not a priority then don't bother with it as it's mostly useless in a vehicle.  If you're using some open sided trucks in certain parks and don't have a window/roof to put a bean bag on, look into bringing a small monopod instead.

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