Waiting for the D400? Got it! It's called D7100!

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Re: Waiting for the D400? Got it! It's called D7100!

I've always thought that the main difference between the D100/200/300 series and the D70/80/90/7000 series is the weather resistant/sealed and the speed.

I know that the Dx00s are weather sealed and the D1/2/3/4s are heavy duty weather sealed. But I have no idea the difference between the D7000/7100 weather resistance feature and the Dx00's. Maybe it's  just a gimmick? If the weather resistance feature used on the D7000/D7100s is the same as Dx00's then I can't think of anything else significant that can improve besides the speed.

Maybe we can look at the 7D MK II and stuffs that the 7D II has but not on the D7100 we can hope that they do on the D400, since by tradition, the D100/200/300 series is 7D's main competitor and D70/80/90/7000 the 40D/50D/60D's.

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