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Yvonne wrote:

Ben O Connor wrote:

Ben O Connor wrote:

... but not i am decided to calm down till i find a built in wifi, weather sealed, prism vf´d (i dont like EVF´s anymore after i´ve seen pentax 30, and of course some full frame products of some N company ) takes as well low light, high iso and video and with kit lens max 1499 Euros.

Well seems like this N company just heard what i wished ! This new D7100 is not full frame (Allright !!) And they says 1199 euros with 18-105 mm lens... hmmm, Should i start playing lottory

Sorry to bother all. I´m just kinda surprised what i was waiting for was just days far , when i was writing..


Hi Ben

I am not sure I am missing something here, but I don't see the connection to the original poster's message, which by the way I found very much in agreement with my own perception and experience (I have had the XZ-2 since last November, but unfortunately not as many photo opportunities as I would have wished)....

I guess the XZ-2 is another world compared to the D7100.

Happy photo hunting


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I am sorry to bother all. Its my fault to make the thing in to whole another thing. I apology from all Oly Compact fellows.


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